"This broom is amazing and a time saver!

It’s easy to use, durable, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

Introducing the Flippr Sweep Cleaner

Always ready to tackle little messes. Perfect for hardwood floor cleaning, kitchen floor cleaning, or even quick pickups on area rugs.

Multiple uses, one cleaning tool

The Next Generation Floor Sweeper

The Flippr Sweep Cleaner beats even the best broom and dustpan set. It's virtually silent when picking up, even a quiet vacuum can't do that. It's the ideal floor cleaner: works for stairs, kitchen floor cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and area rugs.

What people are saying

It's as easy as grab, clean, go.

No more bending down

Perfect for anyone who wants to quickly pick up messes without getting down on the floor.

Handles tight spaces easily

Gets into tight spaces easily, like under furniture, to pick up dust and dirt.

Always ready to clean

No batteries, no charging, no dragging cords across the room to clean.

Quick and quiet

Virtually silent so you won't disturb children or pets when you need a quick pick up.

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High-Performance Microfilament Cleaning Cloths

A revolutionary, new cleaning cloth that’s greener and better than microfiber. At 15x15”, we’re 6x more product than competitors. Just imagine the different surfaces you’ll give a streak-free clean.

Faster streak-free cleaning

Absorbs liquid 2-3 times faster than microfiber

Better for the environment

Less fiber loss with eco-friendly manufacturing


Machine washable with faster drying

Are you ready to make quick pickups easy??

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