High-Performing Microfilament Cleaning Cloths

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Get ready for a high-performing product that’s more environmentally friendly, more effective, and more cost-effective than traditional microfiber. 
Larger, lightweight, low friction: At 15x15”, we’re 6x more product than other cloths.
Streak-free cleaning: No fingerprints or smudges - excellent for delicate surfaces.
Faster absorption, faster drying: Absorbs liquid 2-3 times quicker than competitors.
Machine Washable: Enjoy easy, energy-saving cleanup with less fiber loss.
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A Better Clean for Your Home and Environment

When it comes to cleaning cloths, you get what you pay for. Microfilament is a revolutionary material with the advantages of a microfiber cloth without the drawbacks. A truly green product, this skin-friendly and energy-saving material is soft, quick-drying, and easy to clean, saving you time and money.

Microfilament is a new, superior material made by an eco-friendly manufacturing process and is highly resistant to chemicals. Don’t be fooled by lesser, smaller cleaning cloths – with our 5-pack of 15x15” cloths at a total of 1125 square inches, we’re 6x more product than competitors.

This durable cleaning cloth is perfect for:
  • Households
  • Commercial cleaning 
  • Auto washing and detailing 
  • And more! 


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