A Better Broom for a Busy Life

Quick pickups made easy.

It’s Time to Leave Dustpans and Cords Behind

Mess-takes Happen

Spilled cereal, dropped snacks, and tracked-in dirt: when you’ve got kids, messes just happen.

Flippr keeps up with kids and their messes without the trouble of cords, batteries, dustpans, or screeching noises. With Flippr, you can grab, clean, and go, even in the tightest corners, so you spend more quality time and less time cleaning. Lightweight and self-standing, Flippr is always ready to use. 

We Never Met a Crumb Flippr Couldn’t Pick Up


Bristles that bend to your space. Get to those hard-to-reach areas with ease.


Simply flip to get to the rotating brushroll to pick up dirt and debris.

Flippr Sweep Cleaner - Flippr


No dustpan needed. Debris is captured inside, so no dirty hands while cleaning up.

Silent as The Baby Sleeps

Life is loud. Kids are loud. Flippr is virtually silent.

Flippr is ideal for messes that are not worth wrangling with cords. It works for stairs, kitchen floor cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and area rugs.

What Do Parents Say About Flippr?

So Easy a Child Could Do It

Whether they are willing is completely up to them.

Sweep debris into a line, flip into rollover mode to pick up the mess, and then empty over your garbage can.

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Flippr picks up so you don't have to.
Always ready to clean: no batteries, no charging, no dragging cords.
No dustpans, no more bending down: pick up and dispose of messes with one tool.
Quick + quiet: virtually silent so you won't disturb children or pets.
No crumb left behind: designed to get into hard-to-reach places easily.

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